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ABRAHAM LINCOLN PSA/DNA Slabbed Early Handwritten Autograph Letter Signed

One of the HOLY GRAILS of Presidential Autograph Collecting! Legendary 16th President of the United States, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, entirely handwritten legal document in the Presidents distinctive hand signed at the conclusion A. LINCOLN and dated the 19th of September, 1838. The letter is in fantastic condition and entirely legible, all the handwriting on the front […]

Abraham Lincoln Handwritten Letter Signed, A Rare Historical Find

ABRAHAM LINCOLN SIGNED AND HANDWRITTEN LETTER. ABRAHAM LINCOLN HANDWRITTEN LETTER, A HISTORICAL RARE FIND! Handwritten Letter Signed, to Hezekiah M. Springfield, Illinois, December 6, 1846. Reads in full below historical background. Fellow attorney Hezekiah Wead engaged Lincoln to help with two cases pending in Springfield, Illinois, court. As noted here, Lincoln filed a declaration in […]