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Charles Atlas signed 1962 picture letter

Charles Atlas signed 1962 picture letter. Atlas was the developer of many different body building methods that are still used today. He was born in 1892 and passed away in 1962 of heart failure while jogging and 3 months after he signed this offered letter. Charles Atlas is a member of the Italian Sports Hall […]

Charles Darwin Handwritten Letter Signed, The Orgin Of Species, Evolution

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CHARLES SCHULZ HAND WRITTEN SIGNED LETTER Peanuts Snoopy autograph autographed

Autographed Letter signed (ALS) by Charles M. Schulz as “Sparky” (his nickname). Before creating Peanuts Schulz served in WWII and remained an ardent supporter of the military. In this handwritten letter on Snoopy letterhead to a fellow veteran Schulz is referring to a bound set of the military newspaper Stars & Stripes. See my other […]

Charles Carroll Letter Signed Early Content on George Washington in 1760

[GEORGE WASHINGTON] CHARLES CARROLL OF ANNAPOLIS. As Catholics, both father and son were barred from Maryland political office after the Protestant Revolution of the late 17th century. He began courting Elizabeth Brooke in 1726, but they did not marry until 1757, when their son was twenty years old. Senator from Maryland, breaking through the barrier […]