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Karl Donitz German Naval Commander WW II Signed Autograph Typed Letter

Karl Donitz [1891 1980] was a German Naval Commander during World War II, who attained the rank of Grand Admiral and was appointed as Commander in Chief of all submarines. He is also credited with implementing the submarine tactic Rudeltaktik, commonly called wolf pack. On April 30, 1945, in accordance with Hitler’s last will and […]

KARL MARX Authentic Autograph Letter Signed re Das Kapital GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC

Marx, Karl (1818 1883). An extremely rare autograph letter signed by Karl Marx, 13th January 1872. Addressed Cher citoyen (likely the French publisher Maurice Lech√Ętre), Marx writes in French, Please find enclosed pages 442-472 of the manuscript. Id appreciate it if you could confirm receipt. Please send me the 100 copies of booklet II, adding […]